HeartConnection Philosophy

These texts written by Marjolein are about what living according to HeartConnection means. You become the director of your own life and you understand that you are responsible for everything that happens to you. It gives understanding for yourself and others. The victim role no longer suits you and you grow in consciousness, enriching your life.

Biphasicity – cause of illness, complaint, behavior

The basis of your body and mind is the biological process, the two-phase nature. You will receive explanations and answers...

The 10 basic principles of HeartConnection Nederland®

HeartConnection works with the 10 basic principles from which life can be answered.


The other person or a situation is the actor in your life. The other person or situation cannot hurt you,...

Mountain hike – ego

During the HeartConnection training you are in a process of change or meeting with yourself. You are hiking a beautiful...


Meeting people in beliefs and survival mechanisms.


You can experience conflict at an early age, even in your mother's womb, during pregnancy. Also keep in mind that...