I have experience in speaking to various target groups. Events, podcast, business, youth groups, teams, schools, training, and so on. HeartConnection ensures a more than 80% reduction in absenteeism due to illness. I would like to get in touch with you to make a difference together, because health starts with you!

Motivational Talks

Speaking to youth groups

Young people are so wise, they tell the story of their parents and ancestors. The complicated subject matter (The Logic) is immediately received by the young people and they immediately translate this latest knowledge into practice. Their questions lead directly to the core and the group inspires each other. New connections and friendships arise.

Complete the contact form to contact me and we will discuss the options by telephone. Youth week in Ibiza is extremely enriching, ask me about the possibilities. This gives a huge boost in self-confidence!

Speaking for companies

I like to inspire teams and employees with my story. They immediately receive communication and connection tools to understand themselves and colleagues. HeartConnection ensures an 80% reduction in absenteeism and allows employees with (long-term) illness to take personal responsibility again.

Please contact me if you are interested and we will coordinate the details together. I also organize team weeks in Ibiza, ask me about the possibilities and we will tailor-make a week. There is also an option to offer employees a 1-on-1 process.

Speaking for students

What goes on inside students? What life questions do they have? Themes such as depression, future, family situation, diseases, hormones, self-harm, bulimia/anorexia, addictions, etc. can be discussed in small and large groups.

Complete the contact form to contact me and we will discuss the options by telephone.

Speaking for vocational education & courses

To give students a new view on health and to include this in (vocational) education. Together we are strong and we know a lot. I am a specialist in the biology of the body and subconscious, how nice it is to acquire this knowledge in any form of (vocational) education.

Please contact me if you are interested and we will further discuss the details and options together.

Speaking for events

I can clearly and simply explain the current complex times in a sparkling way, of course with a tear and a smile. Every individual is part of the group. In a short time I create a feeling of connection in small and large groups, this is my talent. Connection provides recognition, energy, motivation and security to look at yourself, others and society in a loving way. Great fun with music and dance, because movement creates flow!

I look forward to speaking at your event and making a difference. Please contact me to discuss the topic, intention and possibilities together.

Connecting talk for podcast (free)

From my own experience I explain the body, biology and existence on earth, that everything is connected. Nothing is a coincidence, we are ‘running’ a program, it is high time to understand this and take the wheel into our own hands. The body and its psyche with behavior and diseases can be explained logically, I also give you tools on how to solve them. . Man has the right to knowledge (which is still ‘kept away’ everywhere, consciously or unconsciously). We would love to tell you more during your podcast!

Impression of HeartConnection Netherlands

Impression HeartConnection International

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