Book “Het leven is een workshop, op weg naar nieuw bewustzijn”

A beautiful book in which you will understand the functioning of biology, nature, the subconscious, your body and life events.


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Episode 1

People from Ibiza Podcast

All over the world people come to the beautiful island of Ibiza and fall in love with its magic. But what is this ‘magic’ that all these special people experience? In this podcast, Marjolein van der Meulen introduces us to the people of Ibiza, who will share their own authentic stories to inspire you to follow your heart to manifest the life of your dreams.

Documentary ‘Morgen’

In the documentary ‘Tomorrow’, Tim Douwsma portrays entrepreneurs with innovative solutions in a rapidly changing world. They share their inspiring stories of modern entrepreneurship and build the future as they want to see it. We are grateful for your participation in this beautiful production. Also invite Marjolein as a speaker, click here for information.

Marjolein van der Meulen

Marjolein is a walking encyclopedia, she is a specialist in many areas. After 30 years of research and guiding thousands of people, she passes on her knowledge in a passionate way. With HeartConnection Nederland® she developed a life philosophy that lets you look at life and health 180 degrees differently. Marjolein moves with the times and evolves with the development of the earth, The Logic. The basis of course remains her biological view of Germanic Medicine, which she has been teaching since 2012. Become a specialist in the subconscious and director of your life!


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