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Why do certain things happen in your life and the lives of your loved ones? Discover it during one of the HeartConnection lectures. A valuable interactive lecture that provides a rainbow of insights that will take you with you on your further life journey.

Every complaint or illness starts with a shock, an emotional trauma. Shock can occur at any time, even in the womb and childhood. A shock affects a specific location in the brain. These places are related to a body part or an organ. The organ or body part rules with cell decrease or cell increase. Symptoms or illness may arise. The psyche also responds with a change in character.

Discover the story behind your complaint, illness or event

During the interactive lecture, we will look together for the story behind the complaint, illness or event that you want to gain clarity about. You will become acquainted with the biological processes of the body/psyche. You will receive an explanation of the biological process behind your (childhood) traumas in your body and psyche, and their manifestation. You gain new insights for a different view of your life. This gives you more confidence in your body and its processes.

Presentation: what is HeartConnection?

You will receive a short presentation about the fact that every illness, complaint or event has a story to tell you. This is demonstrable via CT scans. You also discover that you can recognize patterns in your life in your Life Blueprint: the period before, during and after your conception and birth. You may also take a journey through your family tree.

Personal questions

What does your health have to say? All kinds of topics can be discussed here. About physical complaints, such as Lyme, cancer, ALS, MS, back-neck-shoulder-hip-joint complaints, colds, stomach and intestinal complaints, eczema, diabetes, heart failure, skin complaints, incontinence, and so on.

You can also discuss psychological complaints, such as behavioral problems, ADD/ADHD, autism, learning and concentration disorders, aggression, depression, dyslexia, bi-polarity, psychosis, and so on.

Would you like to know more after the lecture? HeartConnection offers you a three-year training to find the answer within yourself, click here. /a>

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