During the training days and education you will learn the 10 basic principles of humanity from history to the present, from ancient knowledge to current science. You create your field of consciousness through your subconscious. This creates situations with people and everything around you, including any complaints and illnesses.


During the one-day course you will be introduced to the philosophy of HeartConnection.


I have experience in speaking to various target groups. Events, podcast, business, youth groups, teams, schools, training, and so on. HeartConnection ensures a more than 80% reduction in absenteeism due to illness. I would like to get in touch with you to make a difference together, because health starts with you!


A special lecture during which you will be introduced to HeartConnection in a short time. Through the answers to personal questions you will receive many insights and grow in consciousness. You gain clarity in complaints, illnesses and life questions.

Seminar Ibiza Entrepreneurs

Seminar Ibiza is for entrepreneurs, self-employed people and teams. We offer the seminars at a beautiful location with private grounds, where nature and the HeartConnection philosophy fully recharge your battery. You work on a personal theme to grow your business, focus and goal-oriented. As entrepreneurs, we inspire and support each other.

Business Empowerment - Dutch & English

"Business Empowerment" with Marjolein van der Meulen (economist) you will work on your personal growth, the growth of your entrepreneurial team and the growth of your company. In the session(s) we agree on what you want to achieve and determine an approach together. In interactive online sessions we discuss your situation, your challenges and how you can tackle them.

Summer week

The Summer Week is unique, varied and sparkling, with a warm family feeling. Children are also very welcome. The location in the middle of nature offers plenty of space for peace and relaxation. The week is a true encounter with yourself!

HeartConnection Training

HeartConnection is revolutionary. It is a journey of discovery into who you are, where you come from, who you want to be, what your passion is and how you can manifest it. Every situation has a specific story to tell you!