Marjolein van der Meulen

What is human nature like? Why do people do what they do? Ever since I was little, I wanted to understand people, understand situations. I am very curious by nature. I felt and saw everything. I observed, found and sought my own answers.

I have discovered a large part of the world through how others live. Especially at home, I was always attuned to my father and mother. I developed antennas for this at an early age and felt responsible for their happiness. Now I understand the connection, but as a child I was not aware of it. Through them I became who I am. The mother of a friend who was my child also played a role in this. I was really seen there. Every day I went on an investigation, on an adventure, like Pippi Longstocking. A wonderful time, which gave me the basis to be myself in all situations.

That time ended abruptly after primary school. At home the pressure increased and I had to explore more and more. Eventually things fell apart at home – my mother lived her own life and my father became depressed. When I was fifteen he decided to take his own life. I have seen and experienced a lot of pain.

‘I can’t do it – but I will’

Meanwhile, at school I was a ‘happy egg’, no one could notice my worries at home. But I was also sometimes punished if I said what I saw or felt without any inhibitions. However, I was always called in on the schoolyard if there was a fight or if mediation was needed. What I did every evening then was think about the best thing that had happened that day. And how I could make tomorrow even more fun.

I actually didn’t like doing homework in a chair. And with dyslexia, which was not yet recognized at the time, I was easily seen as stupid. That often made me think ‘I can’t do it’. Followed by: ‘But I’m going to do it.’ I’m glad I did. It also taught me that things don’t happen by themselves.

Everything is allowed

After high school I went to teacher training college. I also explored the world in all its extravagance. The introvert, the extrovert, all dualities – it’s all there. That is the core of HeartConnection. The development of HeartConnection is therefore also my own development. Everyone experiences what he or she has to experience. I’m convinced of that.

I taught in Amsterdam-Noord for a while and then decided to take the Banking & To start doing finances, also based on a connection with my father. I was working as a business account manager when I became increasingly in touch with the subconscious, with energy. That may sound like two contradictory worlds, but HeartConnection is based on programs that you live from the subconscious. You are your own Excel sheet. You can also get the information from there when I ask you questions. The link with education is reflected in the fact that with HeartConnection I also focus on parents, teachers and care providers. So that a parent recognizes and understands the story of the child and themselves. How nice it is if a child does not grow up in loneliness as a survival option.

From survival to life

My renewed introduction to the world of energy made me so happy: this is my world. I got my own practice in which I started working with people’s subconscious.

When I moved into a new house with my two children after my divorce, the first word I wrote down was: HeartConnection. That had to be the name of my new company. Not knowing that this would take a while. For a long time it was mainly about survival. I lived on the street with my children for six months. Fortunately, there were many kind people who wanted to help me, but I learned that I had to do it alone. A ‘real estate agent angel’ eventually provided a house. Then I started getting all kinds of vague complaints. I had experienced that before, when I was thirty, and healed myself from it. Again I started to feel: what am I feeling, how does my body feel? Looking at that and going through it, with all my fears, meant a next step towards HeartConnection. I teach from my own body and experiences. Many other people’s stories are very recognizable to me. I have experienced them personally.

The ideal world

HeartConnection is the ideal world for me. A world of coming home, warmth and being there for each other. Everything is allowed, even if you don’t understand each other. That produces a lot of beautiful things. HeartConnection is inside and outside, even the less pleasant things are allowed. No matter how miserable, sick or anxious I am, I know I can get out. And if I can do it, then you can too, if you are open to it.

Wherever I am, I now feel at home everywhere. I wish that for everyone. I know how hard life can be, on all kinds of fronts. But I also know that there is a solution for everything. Life has given me confidence since HeartConnection. I don’t need to change people, everyone is free. If I see someone happy, I am happy too. Every day is a gift, with a little conversation or a smile at the checkout. I recently sat on a terrace in the Jordaan and heard the (unknown to me) owner tell my story in her words. She turned to me and said in unadulterated Jordanian: “And that’s how it is, ma’am.”

That’s how it is. The HeartConnection philosophy may spread through every individual. Do what you like. Find your passion. Do you feel touched by HeartConnection? Then feel welcome!

Practitioner Training

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The Practitioner training consists of three years, each year you decide whether you will continue to the next year. A special process to learn a lot, experience, support each other and set up projects together to make a difference.

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