Frequently Asked Questions


How does the subscription A-Z work and how do I switch my subscription on/off?

The A-Z subscription is digital, you can look online at all kinds of complaints, diseases and their meanings anywhere in the world. Log in regularly because our system is well secured. You can switch your subscription on and off via your account.

How do I get more information about HeartConnection?

We offer you various options for this: - Our website contains the most current information. Download the PDF. - Visit a One Day . - Subscribe to our newsletter. - Watch our videos on our YouTube channel (free). - Subscribe to our Experience stories, diseases and complaints from A-Z.

Is the HeartConnection Training recognized?

The Practitioner Training is an official training institute and recognized by CRKBO.

What are the admission requirements for the course?

You have attended a one-day course at least twice. Our experience shows that you must be at least 18 years old. Do you have any physical limitations that you think could be an obstacle to taking the course? Please first contact

How much time do I need for the training?

There are two days on location per month where theory and practice alternate. You also do self-study: keeping a logbook, studying experience stories, specific assignments and intervision meetings with your fellow students, approximately one day per month.

Can the training be combined with a (full-time) job?

It is our experience that the training is extremely inspiring and can therefore be easily combined with a (full-time) job. We know from several students that their employer reimburses the training and provides time off for the training days. Ask your employer about the options.

Can I get an exemption?

It is not possible to obtain an exemption for the training. Your unique individual journey starts on day 1 of the training. If you miss a day(s), you can catch up in consultation.

When can I enter directly into the second year?

You can enroll in the second year if you... - You have completed HeartConnection 1 to 4 in full - have attended at least two One-Day courses - Marjolein gives you permission to enroll in the second year.

What are my career options with the training?

You always do HeartConnection for yourself. In the third year you start a personal project to live your passion. This can be within your family, work, loved one, practice, institutions, and so on. Many students combine HeartConnection with their current work or start a practice.

Who are my fellow students?

Our students are a very varied group, with different social backgrounds and studies. What connects them is a great curiosity about: - himself - the origin of the earth and man - the symbolism in his/her life - taking personal responsibility.

Will I receive a diploma?

You will receive a certificate every year. We apply an attendance requirement of 90% of the lessons. This means that you can miss a maximum of two days in the first and third year. In the second year this is a maximum of three days. After three years you will receive a HeartConnection Practitioner diploma.

Until when can I cancel?

One-day: 14 days before the start minus €25 administration costs. Lectures: no refunds, but transferable. Training: see 3.4 of our General Terms and Conditions.

How can I catch up on a missed lesson?

You can make up for a missed day at any time in the new training year, request

UWV, company, education and HeartConnection

HeartConnection is regularly used for further training, in the reintegration process, when recovering from a long-term complaint or for personal development. That is why the UWV or the employer is often willing to contribute to the study costs and/or provide time off to attend the study days. Please check this with your employer or UWV in a timely manner.

Can I reclaim my study costs from the Tax Authorities?

You can reclaim a large part of the costs for our training through your tax return. You will find all information about this on the Tax Authorities' website, including all the conditions for deductible study costs. Definitely worth it!

How does HeartConnection handle my personal data?

As of May 25, 2018, Dutch legislation on privacy has been replaced by a European law, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We strictly adhere to the requirements imposed on us by this law. Also read our General Terms and Conditions.

Are the training costs inclusive or exclusive of VAT?

HeartConnection is exempt from VAT.

When will I receive my certificate?

On the last day of the academic year.

Can you practice a liberal profession with HeartConnection?

A liberal profession usually means that you offer services and not products. The Chamber of Commerce then looks at other requirements when registering. Healthcare has eight professions that are under strict government supervision and must be BIG registered with all the associated requirements. This includes a psychotherapist, but not a psychologist. For more information, see: In addition to the government, there are professional associations that monitor the quality of other healthcare professionals. You can also find some of it via the link above.

Can I use the name HeartConnection for my practice?

Within HeartConnection, your own individuality is central. If you are setting up your own practice, you may not use the name HeartConnection. It is important to portray your own 'I' and therefore also your own unique practice name. In your personal background you can of course mention that you have completed the HeartConnection training and refer to the HeartConnection site.

Can I share the name, lyrics and statements of HeartConnection?

Always mention HeartConnection Nederland®. Statements and texts from HeartConnection may not be duplicated without this statement. Dutch law applies to copyright.

What is the level of a One-day lecture and the Training?

The One Day and the lecture is at MBO level. The three-year HeartConnection course is at HBO level. HeartConnection is accessible to everyone. You get the best out of yourself and you receive guidance if you have difficulty absorbing the information.

Order & Payment

Do the prices include VAT?

HeartConnection Netherlands is exempt from VAT.

What are the payment options?

HeartConnection uses the following payment method; iDeal and Bancontact.

Is my payment secured?

Yes, your online payment is processed via a secure connection (SSL) by our Payment Service Provider Mollie.