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Every comment is important to us and we`re glad you took the time to share this Ricky! If you are still having trouble accessing your documents, please email us at socialmediaoutreach@legalzoom.com and we will put you in touch with someone who can help you. Sure, a free plan means you`ll have to work more on your end, but it`s still an attractive option for those who have the time and are looking for a free LCC service. If you choose IncFile, you`ll also get a registered agent service for the first year completely free and at a reasonable price of $119/year. Read the IncFile review to learn more about features and pricing. If you want to learn more about some of the best online legal services to help you with your professional, professional or personal needs, here are all our top tips. Here are the add-ons that LegalZoom offers that can help you start your business. The company began providing legal services to the public on March 12, 2001. [16] LegalZoom charges more than other online legal services. As mentioned above, it follows a 3-step pricing plan. The following table summarizes the tiered pricing structure for LLC incorporation services only.

Once the process was complete, I went to the app and received all the documents. After that, when I entered the app, he told me that the documents were not there. So if you go to the website where I put all the information to get started, and things like that, you don`t have the option to go into your account or see some records that you might want to go back and find. At the moment, I can`t find my documents. The main thing that makes LegalZoom inferior to its competitors is its expensive registered agent services and slow turnaround times. If you need to grow your business quickly and on a tight budget, you`d better choose another provider. What LegalZoom has put in place is pretty ideal. I plan to make further changes in the future. I`m waiting to see how this business is doing and if it`s a successful business, I intend to go back to LegalZoom and take a few more steps with them.

Not only was I quite satisfied with the process they produced and the services, but also in that I had in mind to use them again for other things I wanted to do with the company. When I add my wife as an equal partner, I know it`s been offered, and that`s something they can help me with. If we take that step, I will certainly come back to it. I am very happy with what they offer. They made it very easy for me to follow the process I went through. So, I would definitely recommend it. We have been providing our clients with access to reliable and affordable legal aid for over two decades. Affordable Business Advisory Plan: LegalZoom`s Business Advisory Plan provides business owners with convenient access to year-round legal assistance for a fixed, affordable monthly fee. This plan is perfect for anyone who needs regular assistance with contracts and agreements, legal forms and copyrights, or just general legal advice to protect your business. It`s much more cost-effective than constantly using LegalZoom`s one-time services, and it`s also one of the most affordable plans on the market.

Overall, LegalZoom is a leader in the online legal services industry. Although some of its services are more expensive, they bring a lot of experience and reliability. They offer some of the most versatile legal services in the industry and offer the advantage of being a one-stop shop for business, professional and personal legal needs. The whole process went very well, with the formation of the LLC. And I used LegalZoom as a registered agent. He was very responsive and got the job done quickly. I used LegalZoom only for this LLC and then used them as templates to draft an operating agreement or contract to do business. I went looking for a template for a consulting contract, and it was good when I went there to do it. I went through this whole payment process. And then the email I received was $0. It was good because they didn`t charge me anything for it. But that was the only thing I wasn`t aware of, what was available for free once I got the first service, like setting up the LLC and LegalZoom as a registered agent, what benefits I had with it.

Until all this happened, it wasn`t clear that they wouldn`t accuse me. I just wish their website was more user-friendly. With things that need to be downloaded or used, it was simply easier to call for a few days because it just didn`t work. Once I had to edit a form to include my original name and then submit my new name, it just didn`t want to be uploaded. It couldn`t work. I had to call someone. He said, “Wait a minute, I should do it for you.” He went through everything with me and did it. I said, “Why do you even have a website? You send emails that say, “Change that part. We need you to check that.

And it just didn`t work. LegalZoom offers telephone support to clients seven days a week, even outside normal business hours. Customer service representatives are based outside the United States and have accessible hours, including: We`ll expand the price for each unique service below, but the key to remember here is that if you`re looking for the cheapest online legal service provider, LegalZoom isn`t the best option for you. LegalZoom provides legal assistance to individuals, families, and small businesses through its DIY platform and independent network of lawyers. They enable millions of people to grow their businesses, take care of their families and protect their ideas. Online reviews claim that the quality of customer service can sometimes be uneven due to the high volume of calls. However, you can also ask a question online at any time and refer to the site`s full FAQ. There are many other legal services that help with business formation, including registered agent services. LegalZoom treats these services as add-ons. If you opt for the add-on that includes commercial licenses, which starts at $99.99, it`s worth noting that you don`t really get the licenses you need. LegalZoom`s partner, Avalara, creates a summary of the licenses you need to operate legally and sends you that list and apps.

You will continue to be responsible for completing and submitting applications. LegalZoom is one of the most experienced and well-known providers in the online legal industry. It offers a wide range of legal services ranging from business registration and operation to intellectual property protection. Its LLC incorporation plan, although slightly more expensive than the competition, offers great value and customer satisfaction.


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