Our wish is that through the HeartConnection knowledge and philosophy, as many people as possible can see where behavior, actions and diseases come from, how you can deal with them and how you can grow in consciousness as a result. This requires biological and logical knowledge. Marjolein studies daily to increase her knowledge and pass it on to her students and a larger audience in all levels of society, schools, government, companies, hospitals and politics.


Book and documentary

The Friends of HeartConnection Foundation aims to raise awareness of HeartConnection’s work. Including the book ‘Life is a workshop, on the way to new consciousness’ and the documentary, published in September 2022. ‘Power to heal’

An English version of the book will be published in 2023.


Series Villa Marjolein Netflix

We are also working on the ‘Villa Marjolein’ series to reach a large audience. In ‘Villa Marjolein’ various themes are explained from nature and biology, using the quick connections that Marjolein can make with a personal question. Themes include: cheating, depression, burnout, infertility, addictions, relationships, bipolar, psychological diagnoses, learning diagnoses dyslexia, dyscalculia, concentration, behavioral diagnoses ADHD, ADD, aggression, loneliness, many diseases and congenital abnormalities.

Based on a personal question, Marjolein can trace all diseases and complaints by asking questions, allowing someone to gain insight through the answers. This is ‘the new medicine’, as many students call HeartConnection. The philosophy and answers provide understanding and offer you the opportunity to take responsibility and make choices. There is a logical explanation for everything without judgement: from your nature you can understand why someone cheats, becomes ill, or that addiction tells a story from the Life Blueprint and family tree.

The episodes of Villa Marjolein are subtitled in English, so that people outside the Netherlands can also enrich themselves with ‘Villa Marjolein’ and the HeartConnection philosophy.


End credits series Villa Marjolein

Are you interested in sponsoring our series – privately and/or from your company or institution? Your company will appear in the credits of our Villa Marjolein episode. Contact us, we are happy to discuss our win-win.



Friends Foundation of HeartConnection manifests a beautiful location to organize its activities. Here, people from all over the world will soon be able to get acquainted with and experience the effect of HeartConnection in their body and mind.


The medicine-free hospital

From this location we are also creating a drug-free hospital: a HeartConnection awareness center, where people are approached holistically.


Nature school and care

Many children and young people are stranded in education and healthcare. HeartConnection is committed to helping these children and young people by providing teachers and supervisors with knowledge and training. For direct contact with schools and healthcare institutions, we want to create an online platform for training, knowledge and guidance based on the HeartConnection philosophy. A child tells a story and we can trace this story together with the parents and family. This provides insight, awareness and peace or acceptance of the situation. Instead of judgment and ‘something is wrong with the child’, connection and understanding arise. We want to expand the platform and make it accessible to healthcare workers and other people in a service profession or with a public task.


To make all this possible we need donations.


Will you help create a new world together? This is possible with a contribution for:

  • Villa Marjolein
  • Location
  • Drug-free hospital
  • Nature school
  • Health care institutions


Thank you for your donation!



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