HeartConnection Nederland® offers you a new philosophy of life. A different way of looking at life: 180 degrees different from what you are used to until now. Every situation, every complaint has a (family) story to tell you, which offers you the solution to your questions. HeartConnection Nederland® gives you the tools to uncover and release subconscious programming. This gives you freedom and confidence to let go of your fears and enjoy life again. Experience it for yourself in our Training and One Day in the country.

Your life

Do you also feel that you always repeat the same patterns and don’t understand why? Do you constantly attract certain relationships? Do you have certain ailments or complaints that are recurrent or chronic? Do you often doubt whether you are making the right choice? Do you constantly fear not being able to pay your monthly expenses? Are you unable to have children and want to know why? Do you wonder why you just got that one diagnosis?

Patience and trust

Everything happens for a reason, there are no coincidences. The very thing you most want to change in your life will keep repeating itself. Until you understand what it wants to tell you. Until you know the story. Everything that irritates you is an invitation to know yourself better. This takes courage, self-responsibility, patience and trust. Heartconnection Nederland® offers you the training to take control of your own life and more importantly: to be at peace with it.

Your body tells a story

Every symptom has an individual story to tell. HeartConnection Nederland® teaches you to understand which theme is related to precisely those specific diseases/symptoms. You do this by going back to the moment the conflict started. Then you can solve it from the core. You learn that you are responsible for your own conflict impacts, for your own perception, for your own pain. When you encounter emotions or conflict impacts, you may begin to connect with them, melt with them, in order to release them.

Uncovering unconscious programming

HeartConnection Nederland® gives you the tools to retrieve and release subconscious programming. You relive the Life Blueprint period before, during and after your conception. What purpose did your parents have during this period? You are living your parents’ conflicts and thoughts in your Life Blueprint every moment now.

Without judgment or blame

We go even further by delving into your family tree to understand what took place in the lives of your parents and ancestors. It is special to discover which family patterns keep repeating themselves until someone from the family tree breaks them. We invite you to get to know your family from a different consciousness – without judgment and blame. Thus HeartConnection Nederland® helps you to gain understanding of the situation you are living now. You may trust that your subconscious knows everything and you will be amazed how many quarters will fall.

Connecting – melting – letting go

A conflict breakdown can occur at an early age, even in your mother’s womb, during pregnancy. Also keep in mind that all the beliefs of your mother and father are automatically in your DNA. This is passed on from generation to generation. Therefore, within HeartConnection there is no blame, victim or judgment. By connecting, fusing and letting go you can now release old beliefs, possibly accompanied by a physical complaint. You go on a journey into your body, into your subconscious.

Practitioner training starts October 2022

Are you interested in the human being, where complaints, diseases, patterns come from? Then become the director of your own life. Within HeartConnection you activate your brain to make surprising discoveries and to live your passion every moment! Click here for more information.

Training Practitioner consists of three years, each year you decide whether to continue to the next year. A special journey to learn a lot, experience, support each other and set up projects together to make a difference.

HeartConnection one-day, lectures, training, trips are not a substitute for medical advice or treatment. It is important to continue your treatments and/or medication advised by your doctor or therapist.

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