The 10 basic principles of HeartConnection Nederland®

  1. Consciousness Field
  2. Subconscious
  3. Actor
  4. Biphasic
  5. Connect-Merge-Release VVL
  6. Symbolism
  7. The Painful Moment TPM
  8. Neutrality
  9. Responsibility
  10. Meeting yourself again and again

1. Field of consciousness

Everything has a reason. To meet yourself and to let what does not yet flow flow. Very subtly everything is arranged for you to enter the way: the right situations, the right people you meet in your life, everything. You understand: everything is correct, everything is arranged as it is. If you realize this, it’s a huge gift. This allows you to take responsibility. You have become an active participant of your field of consciousness, you no longer allow things to happen passively. The things that happen can be fun or not fun. What’s not fun, you can Connect-Merge-Release.

2. Subconscious

Your subconscious knows everything. What has not yet been resolved is present in your field of consciousness. You encounter this on your life path, in the form of complaints, illnesses, life questions, and so on. If you know your field of consciousness and subconscious, this gives confidence, and this confidence gives peace. Knowledge and wisdom, everything is already there.

3. Actor

From your field of consciousness, from your subconscious, you encounter your actors. These are situations and people who are or do exactly what you need in the consciousness field to meet yourself. Click here for article actors.

4. Biphasicity

Everything in this dualistic society (yin/yang) starts in the biphasic with a conflict slant. The biological program starts from the conflict impact. Click here for a detailed explanation.

5. Connect-Merge-Release (VVL)

This is something very simple. What sensation do you feel in your body? What emotion do you feel? Let your thoughts rattle if necessary. Are there images coming up? Let it happen. You don’t have to direct this, you just have to observe your feeling and the sensation of your body. Click here article VVL.

6. Symbolism

The symbolism of the event comes from your field of consciousness from your subconscious. Observe the symbolism of your actors – situations and people. What is happening? For example: a child falls off the trampoline three times. What is the symbolism? Val is surrender, let it go. The child is allowed to have this experience, there is nothing wrong with it.

7. The Painful Moment TPM

Beliefs arise during the TPM. They help you to stay alive. They help you not to run into yourself, to not have to run into your pain. This is where your beliefs came into your life. You can choose to keep those beliefs alive or meet yourself in them. Whatever you encounter in your consciousness field from your subconscious, you can Connect-Merge-Release (VVL–s) to meet yourself.

8. Judgment – Neutrality

Every judgment you make – about yourself and about others – says something about you. Beneath every judgment is your own conflict and pain. With that, every judgment is an opportunity to meet yourself.

9. Responsibility

The more knowledge and skills you have in these basic principles, the more responsibility you can take on. You can grab your own steering wheel, to finally meet yourself. Sometimes, when you get into a very painful conflict bout, you can just forget about everything. We then say: ‘We are falling back into old patterns’. Then you need each other to let everything be. During the training sessions, the summer weeks and trips abroad, we take care of each other. Everyone has their own responsibility in this.

10. Meeting yourself again and again

In this dualistic society you need a lot of experience in your field of consciousness to meet yourself from your subconscious. So keep repeating, repeating and repeating the basics.

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