Meeting Marjolein enriches your life, you immediately come into contact with your source. Two days we celebrate life together and you make a trip though your body & unconscious mind. Marjolein lives on her beloved Island Ibiza and for the training  (school) she returns to Netherlands every month. In these amazing days you will receive an answer to your question, depending on the input you provide. Take advantage of this unique opportunity!

Together we will look for the story behind your complain or illness, which will give you clarity. You will become acquainted with the biological processes of the body/psyche. You will receive an explanation about the biological process behind your (childhood) traumas in your body and psyche, and the manifestation of this. The purpose of a meeting with Marjolein is to gain insight and awareness through your personal question.

Autumn 2023 Marjolein will give a very interesting seminar in Ibiza to share her knowledge with you.

Practical information

  • Two days seminar on Ibiza
  • Location: Ibiza (after confirming the appointment you receive the address)
  • Cost: € 500,- (normal €999,00)
  • Total treatment on location ask for extra information and possibilities by e-mail
  • For promotion we will film and take pictures (if you have problems with this book an other seminar, thank you)


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  • Na het maken van een definitieve afspraak ontvang je extra informatie per e-mail.
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