Short Term Law Courses

Get an introduction to law and criminal justice with online courses from leading universities and institutions around the world. Edx offers both one-on-one courses and advanced programs to help you learn about law and legal issues in an engaging and effective online learning environment with video tutorials, quizzes and more. Take online courses and law courses that cover a variety of areas, including international law, human rights, property rights, criminal law, and contract law. Learn about the legal aspects of surveillance and privacy related to national security issues. Select a course to learn more and register. Some short courses may offer certificates of completion if you have completed the course requirements. This can be added to your CV with your training. It is important to know that not all courses offer a certificate, so check with the school. Many schools allow short courses for international students.

This can allow you to delve into local law as well as important local issues without having to travel or start an academic program before you have an overview of the topics that can be covered. Be sure to check the admission requirements of the school and course you are interested in to find out their position on accepting international applicants. No, you cannot practice law or become a lawyer after completing a short online law course. You must obtain a J.D. diploma (Juris Doctor) and pass the bar exam. Learn more about becoming a lawyer, including steps to take before studying law. Learn how to navigate the complex U.S. legal landscape in business law to navigate your company`s strategic direction with Northwestern University`s short Legal Strategy for Business course. The following courses will be offered in-person at UC Berkeley Law in summer 2022, as well as online via Zoom records, with the exception of Blockchain for Lawyers and Intellectual Property Law (see details below). Course titles are linked to detailed course descriptions.

Each trimester lasts three weeks. As the world`s leading online learning platform, Coursera offers courses on a variety of legal topics. Many learners choose to focus on specific areas of interest in law, such as business law, common law, international law, contract law, immigration law, or intellectual property and copyright law. Alternatively, you can see legal issues through a more prescriptive and big-picture lens with courses on justice, human rights, and public policy. Short law courses can be useful for a number of reasons and can benefit both legal and non-legal professionals. Read on to learn more about the benefits of online law courses. While participants in executive education are not formally enrolled in college, they do take courses at the university and we expect them to commit to behaving in a manner consistent with the university`s function as an educational institution: Alison`s free online law courses are designed to help you better understand the modern legal system. The law serves as a guideline for what is accepted in society and minimizes conflicts between social groups and communities. To better understand how the law works, we recommend reading our comprehensive Diploma in Legal Studies and our Diploma in Alternative Dispute Resolution. Both courses allow you to acquire solid legal knowledge and require less than 15 hours of study. Participants in the Executive Course can earn an Executive Education Certificate in Berkeley Law by taking at least three courses in Business Law. For example, the following courses for this certificate of completion would be of quality: Some schools issue a certificate of completion to students who meet the requirements of the short course at the end of the program.

However, it is important to note that certificates of completion are different from legal certificates that take longer to complete or count as study credits. There is more than one way to learn more about the law. Short-term law courses can help busy professionals expand their legal knowledge and skills in a short period of time without committing to a full degree program. By taking online law courses, you can deepen your understanding of legal topics or test a potential new career path from the comfort of your own home. Admission requirements for short courses depend on the subject and structure of the course. While there are short courses designed for lawyers, many are open to candidates without legal training. Short courses can last from a few weeks to a few months, depending on specific needs. The institution offering the course, the level of material, the topics and the outcome all play a role in determining the duration of the course. In addition, edX offers the opportunity to acquire verified certificates in online courses. The certificate contains edX and the name of the university or institution offering the course, and can be uploaded to your LinkedIn profile. This is proof to employers and others that you have successfully completed the course.

Start with one of the following courses or programs. We may share in an abstract way an intuitive sense of morality – for example, it is wrong to physically hurt or steal from others. However, differences over the details of what exactly is defined as a crime and what its consequences are have always been the subject of much debate, and the power to determine the law is, in a sense, the purpose of any policy. Our programs are highly valued in the legal field. In addition, we offer many courses and workshops on the latest topics in law to find out where your journey will take you. Berkeley Law`s Executive Summer School program is designed for practicing lawyers who want to immerse themselves in new areas, deepen their knowledge of specific topics in their practice, and advance their careers. Lawyers can enroll in one-on-one courses in business law, law and technology, or a set of courses that culminate in a certificate. These courses and certificates are offered in person on the Berkeley Law campus from mid-May to early August. Participants in the Executive Summer Course may change their enrolment in courses in the same unit taking place during the same summer semester until the day before the first day of the first course, provided that the space in the course(s) to which they transfer allows it. Students who wish to change their course registration must notify Check out these and other free online law courses. Many courses are self-paced, so you can sign up and start learning today.

No – you will not receive a transcript or university credit for taking our courses as an executive course. However, you don`t need to take an exam either, so it balances out. Financial aid is not available for Berkeley Law Executive Education summer schools. However, if you are interested in funding these courses, Sallie Mae offers competitive educational loan programs for creditworthy borrowers. For more information and to apply, visit Sallie Mae`s website. If you`re considering a short law course, you may have questions about what you can learn and whether it`s worth it.


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