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Scone Legal has had an enviable reputation for providing legal services to families, businesses and residents of the Upper Hunter since its founding in Scone in 1889. It is a proud tradition that has allowed the firm to acquire extensive local knowledge and expertise in dealing with legal issues facing our clients. Scone Legal is an Upper Hunter-based law firm with over 100 years of history. Formerly known as Halliday Hook Noonan & Co. The goal of this work is to provide a platform that allows multiple stakeholders such as data owners, code owners, model owners, who don`t necessarily trust each other, to come together and do machine learning to unlock all the benefits of AI. Create sensitive container images from existing native Python images in a single step. The resulting image runs on remotely attested Intel SGX enclaves and has an encrypted file system. We introduce cloud-native application concepts and show their benefits, as well as a demonstration of an application composed of multiple services and using multiple programming languages. In our new short video, we give a clear and tangible overview of Scontain`s goals and track record. Together with T-Systems Multimedia Solutions, we published a white paper on reliable cloud-native computing in large Kubernetes clusters. With SCONE Confidential Computing, you can ensure that, for example, the employer cannot read their employees` encrypted data traffic despite web caching; The encryption of the communication can be verified.

SCONE transparently validates programs to ensure that only correct, unmodified programs run in a true SGX enclave. It also prevents malware from being attached to programs. New partnerships for sustainable IT security based on confidential computing. Use our step-by-step integration tutorial to run your projects in a secure environment. SCONE supports transparent encryption of files, network traffic, and stdin/stdout. In this demo video, we show you how to use applications where multiple stakeholders securely contribute their data and code with SCONE. Watch this demo video to learn how Intel SGX and SCONE can help you provide a platform where different stakeholders can work together securely. You don`t necessarily need to trust yourself to reap the benefits of AI. Our slides explain how SCONE protects data and code by certifying platform and code while enabling excellent performance.

It also shows a use case on multi-party calculations. SCONE helps developers run their applications in SGX enclaves. An Intel SGX enclave allows an application to protect its data from access by all other software, even the operating system. In particular, an application can protect all its data from adversaries with root access. A root user cannot pull out an application`s main memory to access all of its keys. Often, application configuration files are protected only by the file system. Again, a user with root access can read these configuration files and any secrets they may contain. SCONE uses SGX to encrypt configuration files to protect them again. SCONE offers application-centric security, meaning that application confidentiality and integrity can be guaranteed even when running in untrusted environments. In untrusted environments, we must protect ourselves against attackers who have been granted root access and can use it to read or even modify our application data.

SecuStack, a German cloud operating system, will soon support Intel® SGX enclaves based on our SCONE platform. This ensures secure data exchange in cloud applications such as machine learning and multi-stakeholder computing. We have a strong focus on real estate and commercial matters, including buying and selling, subdivisions, foreclosures and water permit transactions. We also specialize in wills and estates. Let`s run hand in an enclave and print some debugging information: Spark is a powerful engine suitable for your extended computing tasks and supports various programming languages. Magnit, one of Russia`s leading food store chains with more than 20,000 stores and 16 million daily visitors, has provided a reliable platform for managing digital advertising data. The platform was developed by Aggregion and Scontain and uses SCONE to protect customer data. (Image: Magnit) Some applications get their secrets through environment variables or command-line arguments. SCONE supports secure transmission of environment variables and command-line arguments through SCONE`s configuration and attestation service. Our SCONE integration tutorial – use SCONE after a few simple steps. Joseph SconeThe DeVries Law Firm644 Cesery Blvd Ste 250Jacksonville, FL 32211-3108 Ensure application security even in untrusted environments.

is one of Scontain`s Azure Marketplace offerings. It includes all the tools needed to create and deploy sensitive images with the aim of providing an easy starting point for evaluating the SCONE confidential computing platform. We have several different partners working together while protecting their intellectual property (code, data) from each other and cluster administrators. While some applications (such as MySQL) may encrypt some of their files, most applications do not offer file encryption. Therefore, in SCONE, we provide a mechanism to encrypt files transparently. This mechanism is enabled via an application`s stack/compose file. SCONE runs programs in secure enclaves – without changing the source code. We recommend that you recompile applications, but we do support running native Alpine applications in containers. In this way, we even prevent attackers with root access from stealing secrets from these programs. Our goal is to provide an easy starting point to evaluate the SCONE Confidential PySpark offering. It includes all the tools and images needed to run sensitive PySpark applications on Kubernetes clusters.

Or would you like to use our Standard, Business or Enterprise version? Then contact us: In this demo video, we show you how to use SCONE applications where multiple stakeholders securely contribute their data and code. The following articles describe some of the technical aspects of SCONE. Enemy in the cloud: Protect your cloud resources from powerful adversaries. Confidential cloud-native computing in large Kubernetes clusters Our team prides itself on providing friendly, professional and personalized service to all our customers.


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