Meeting Marjolein enriches your life, you immediately come into contact with your source. In this one day seminar we celebrate life together and you make a deep connection in your body & unconscious mind. You’ll receive incredable knowledge about your body, life patterns, behavior  and universal science, we call this “human high tech”. This is totally new and amazing.

Marjolein lives on her beloved Island Ibiza and for the training (school) she returns to the Netherlands every month. Also she has a podcast called “People from Ibiza” you’ll find it on Spotify. Background information about Marjolein, click here.

During this amazing day you will receive an answer to your question, depending on the input you provide. Take advantage of this unique opportunity!

Ask your personal question

Together we will look for the story behind your complaint or illness, which will give you clarity. You will become acquainted with the biological processes of the body/psyche. You will receive an explanation about the biological process behind your (childhood) traumas in your body and psyche, and the manifestation of this. The purpose of a meeting with Marjolein is to gain insight and awareness through your personal question.

Autumn 2023 Marjolein will give a very interesting seminar in Ibiza to share her knowledge with you.

Practical information

  • One day seminar on Ibiza 30th of April 2023 – Ask your personal question
  • Location:  Con Quince Ibiza
  • Lunch 13-14: vegetarian lunch in the most beautiful flower garden on Ibiza
  • Cost: € 149,- (normal €249,00)
  • Personal meeting or with your group on location ask for extra information and possibilities by e-mail
  • For promotion we will film and take pictures (if you have problems with this book an other seminar, thank you)


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Background information

Every issue and disease tells your personal story. HeartConnection Nederlands® helps you to gain insight and new consciousness. Ancient knowledge from nature given practical dimension for/to this present time. Find out for yourself!


Life Blueprint, Personal Timeline, Family tree


The way we think is mainly decided by our culture. Our body always reacts biologically.

As soon as we experience The Painful Moment (TPM) our body adapts to deal with this. TPM (unprocessed trauma) is taking place at three levels: in the brain, in the organs and in the psyche. This is how survival mechanisms are created. These mechanisms may have arisen in this life, Life Blueprint and previous generations. You live unconscious algorithmic patterns that your parents and ancestors didn’t resolve.

These patterns come from your Life Blueprint (the 30 months around the pregnancy), personal timeline and family tree. They cause diseases, complaints and events but also learning disorder and mental diagnoses such as ADHD, borderline, narcissism, dyslexia and manic depression. There is no need to know the whole story to break the patterns. Our subconscious is intelligent beyond imagination, it knows everything. By using the method of Connect-Melt-Letting go (CML), you can take back your own power.


Connect – Melt – Letting Go and the 10 basic principles


By listening and feeling your body, you grow in consciousness and take responsibility. You break your patterns, you make new choices and finally live your talents. This results in freedom and trust now and in the future.

Once you are aware of why things happen, and the way issues are
relate to previous generations, you break the cycle of subconscious programming for you and the future generations. If you realize everything happens with a reason, you become very curious about the stories that lie behind. Without victimisation, blame or judgement. With ownership and responsibility.


The 10 principles


1. Field of consciousness
2. Actor
3. Subconsciousness
4. Two Fases
5. Connect-Merge-Letting Go (CML)
6. Symbolism
7. The Painful Moment (TPM)
8. Neutrality
9. Responsibility
10. Encounter with yourself


Every issue and disease tells your personal story


HeartConnection helps you to understand your own behavior and that of others. An example: six year old Freek is staying with his aunt for two weeks. When he comes back home he finds out he has a baby brother. All of mum’s attention is now focused on his little brother. With The Painful Moment, a new belief arises: “When I leave, I am replaced”. At 36, Freek’s boss tells him to go to Scandinavia for work, but he is scared to death. With the help of HeartConnection, Freek starts investigating his fear. He realizes he is no longer that little six year old boy and his beliefs are no longer useful. He is able to let it go with CML, he leaves for Scandinavia with confidence and luckily he is not replaced.

Now is your chance to figure out your own patterns and gain new consciousness. HeartConnection gives you a different perspective of life.
Recognize your patterns and transform them into something beautiful!


“HeartConnection connects all knowledge I have gathered so far. It teaches me to work with the subconscious, which is so valuable. Everything makes sense!”

“HeartConnection has given me so much self-confidence. Fears disappear into the background so I can put myself first again. HC gives me the strength to fully live my life.”

“Connect-Melt-Letting go (CML) says more than a 1000 words. You feel so much relief afterwards.”

“HeartConnection is a 180 degree turn in thinking. HeartConnection makes things so clear and logical and leads to new consciousness.”

“With HeartConnection you start your own research, encountering the ancient knowledge of our biology. You learn to understand the messages of your own personal story. This is such an extensive knowledge, you should experience it for yourself.”

“HeartConnection is the medicine of the future.”


HeartConnection’s 10 Principles give you the guidelines to discover your personal programming and patterns. They teach you to connect with them, merge with them and let them go. You break old patterns, make new choices and live your talents.

The HeartConnection Seminars (Dutch or English) give you all the tools. You will celebrate life and grow in new consciousness.