Ofertas Supermercado Legal Campo Grande Ms

The network of legal supermarkets is waiting for you, look at the products offered in the brochures or leaflets available in the physical stores of the supermarket of Rede Legal Supermercados. Also discover the point of sale full of unmissable discounts. Still without shops in SP, address Rua Jaqueiro do Carneiro 110, – Fazenda Grande do Retiro Salvador BA – 4040353-000 Guarantee quality and you discount For more information, visit Facebook and Instagram network Legal supermarkets, in it check the phone of the customer service, the opening hours from 7:00 to 20:00 website: legalsupermercados.lojaqui.com.br The address of Supermercado Legal Supermercados is Avenida José Nogueira Viêira, 1673 – Tiradentes, Campo Grande – MS, and if the customer who calls the phone to know prices and product offers is (67) 3341-6281. Here at Rede Legal Supermercados has the best low price for you who are looking for quality discounts and real savings, check out the offers of Rede Legal Supermercados and take advantage of promotions in all stores in the area, the best brands and competitive prices. Rede Legal Supermercados is a store with a wide assortment of products and has a wide network of supermarkets, make your shopping list and get ready to save. Visit Store Rede Legal supermarkets and don`t waste time saving money at the local market. Ask the seller about the supermarket tabloid and don`t miss any offers Legal supermarket network. Come to the legal network of supermarkets here has advertising in different types of meats for your products perfect for lunch and family meals and the best price on the market! See in the Rede Legal Supermercados catalog this promotion you want so much. Rede Legal Supermercados offers established brands and promotions in Hortifrúti, Frozen, Cold and more. Visit the magazine and the different offers Take advantage of the current promotions and the wide assortment of products to save on the purchases of the month, in the network of legal supermarkets we are always ready to offer the best discounts in the area.

The website that we find on supermarkets is www.legalsupermercados.com.br every day new offers from different supermarkets are updated to inform the best promotions for Tiendeo users. Stay tuned for all offers: Don`t miss any more promotions and benefit from all the discounts. First of all, you need to know the address of legal supermarkets. The link below shows the path to the place of purchase.


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