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Municipal Law: The firm represents local authorities, water and sanitation companies and other municipal companies in various legal matters, including real estate, infrastructure, large public tenders and innovative projects. The company`s entrepreneurial DNA is the driving force behind Shibolet`s operations. Our practices are leaders in identifying, researching and mastering new legal solutions and providing value-added services to our clients, such as innovative business tools and business development solutions. We use legal technology solutions in our daily legal work for the benefit of our clients and value efficiency and accuracy. We offer new types of value-added services such as Shibolet ESG. Shibolet ESG was founded to help companies manage the complexity of customer expectations and supplier requirements related to various social and environmental issues. Our clients benefit from the best consulting services thanks to a holistic approach that leverages Shibolet`s legal expertise in compliance and a complementary “Beyond Compliance” solution. “Adi Zaltzman and Omer Weiss are exceptional professionals and their legal experience and hard work lead to excellent business results.” “We have always received the same level of service expected from the world`s largest companies. We work regularly and closely with Lior Aviram, a world-class negotiator with a sharp approach to business.

We also work regularly with Eyal Gilboa, who is a highly experienced practitioner with excellent client relations skills. He has a remarkable ability to manage, monitor and resolve complex transactional and legal issues. CLIENT: JAFORA TABORI COMPANY/COMPANY: / Shibolet & Co. TESTIMONIAL Law Firm: The IP practice team has outstanding business and legal knowledge. We are impressed that the team always works well with our team and syncs with them – they share and bring their knowledge and experience to achieve the best result. In addition, and just as importantly, Shibolet team members support each other, and each of them can intervene for the other and provide a united front. The team offers in-depth experience and efficiency every time. Tamir Afori is very knowledgeable and professional. His knowledge of trademark law, as evidenced by written arguments before the Supreme Court, is highly academic and well developed.

Hillel Ish-Shalom is an excellent litigator who develops an excellent strategy and can spot unexpected obstacles long before they arise. “I have the pleasure of working with lawyer Gil Rosenberg of Shibolet. A true professional with a personal, business-oriented approach and more interested in providing the optimal solution and advice than billing to the client. I highly recommend him and the office for all antitrust and other legal matters. CLIENT: VATBOX LTD FIRM: Shibolet & Co. TESTIMONIAL Law Firm: The Shibolet team is an inseparable part of VATBOX`s current business activities and works exclusively on the legal affairs of our company. The members of the legal team represented our interests in the most professional manner. In addition to providing excellent legal advice, the Shibolet team has led our company to excellence. In addition to their excellent services, which value attention to detail and responsiveness, the Shibolet team has handled our employment file, regulations, privacy and security with great expertise, covering almost every aspect of VATBOX`s legal business.

We have already worked with various major Israeli law firms as well as international law firms, without a doubt the Shibolet team, led by partner Gadi Ouzan, is one of the best legal teams we have worked with. CLIENT: AXILION “The team, led and led by Gil Rosenberg, has proven to be very competent and up-to-date with regard to the legal situation at hand and deals with various complex and diverse legal issues. The team has demonstrated a high level of expertise, professionalism, analysis and resolution of outstanding legal issues in accordance with the client`s business interests, short- and long-term, tactical and strategic business interests, objectives and constraints, all in an efficient, professional and above all practical manner. “COMPANY / COMPANY: Shibolet & Co. TESTIMONIAL Law Firm: Shibolet has provided legal advice on public company matters, board meetings, legal opinions, stock market reports, assisted us with a reverse merger and listing on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, and supported all of our business and human resources operations, including in Israel and our global operations. The work of a software and AI company with multiple teams and jurisdictions is very complex, especially for a technology company listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. As a cross-border company operating in the United States, Europe and the Middle East (UAE) with software and hardware, Shibolet`s international capabilities have been exceptionally professional, timely and with a strong and wide network of legal partners who can assist with regulatory, human resources, trade, licensing and many other aspects of the business. Their coordination skills have also been extremely valuable to us and our business partners.

High-Tech & VC: Shibolet`s high-tech and venture capital practices are among the best practices in the country. The company has been involved in the creation of some of Israel`s leading venture capital funds and assists domestic and foreign funds in investment and due diligence processes. The company represents promising start-ups as well as many leading high-tech companies and multinationals doing business in Israel. Shibolet`s high-tech practice group is publishing a unique survey for professionals interested in the Israeli venture capital scene, which is considered a leader in venture capital financing. Pro bono activities: The company attaches great importance to supporting non-profit organizations. Shibolet provides pro bono legal advice to The Israel Spirit, A Different Lesson (Shiur Acher), Symphony Ra`anana Orchestra, Ramat Hadassah and Kiryat Yearim Youth Villages, Keren Shemesh and other NGOs. Shibolet`s partners serve on the boards of several non-profit organizations such as Hillel Israel and DocAviv. “The team is very business-oriented and looks not only at the legal but also the business aspects of a transaction.” Labour and Employment Law: The firm`s experienced team provides ongoing legal advice to management on a wide range of employment-related matters, including the labour and employment aspects of complex M&A, APA and IPO transactions, as well as the drafting, review and interpretation of group and individual employment contracts and human resources policies. The company has prepared and implemented numerous ESOP plans, both for Israeli companies and for international companies with Israeli subsidiaries Securities & Capital Markets: Shibolet`s strong securities practice has been involved in numerous Israeli IPOs on TASE and NASDAQ, as well as offerings of companies whose shares are listed twice on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and NASDAQ. Shibolet has advised underwriters and issuers on various offerings in Israel and abroad.

Shibolet advises clients on regulatory and legal matters relating to publicly traded companies. We have a long-standing collaboration with the US law firm Fenwick (Volume 1 for Startups & Emerging Companies – Chambers USA-Nationwide), which co-produces The Survey on Legal Terms of Venture Capital Transactions (VC Survey). It is the only and exclusive survey in the high-tech industry that covers and analyzes the legal conditions for venture capital investments in Israeli and “Israeli-related” high-tech companies and compares these terms with those practiced in Silicon Valley. In addition, as the issues listed below show, we are well versed in handling cross-border and cross-border transactions and maintaining long-term relationships with foreign and multinational clients. Shibolet & Co. was founded in 1973. is one of Israel`s largest and most respected full-service commercial law firms, building on an outstanding legacy as it develops tailored legal solutions in developing market sectors. The firm is widely regarded as a powerhouse for business-oriented legal services, expertise and insight. Banks and financial institutions: Clients include Israeli and foreign banks and other financial institutions, as well as customers seeking financing from banks and other financial institutions operating in Israel. Die Kanzlei bietet Rechtsdienstleistungen in den Bereichen Bankwesen, Finanzierung, regulatorische Fragen, Gründung von Bankinstituten, Zweigniederlassungen und Repräsentanzen. Shibolet ist Rechtsberater der Association of Foreign Banks in Israel.

13. Andere Staaten haben einen ähnlichen Rahmen für die Übertragung von Treuhandvermögen.   Siehe z. B. Wilson v. United Sav. of Texas (In re Missionary Baptist Found., Inc.), 792 F.2d 502, 504 (5th Cir.1986) (« Texas courts that when a grant or a declare a tort and deposit the subject to escrow, il conserve la propriété légale de l’objet avec un titre équitable au bénéficiaire final. »);  Dans Bezug auf TTS, Inc., 158 B.R.


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