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NJPUBLICNOTICES.COM provides 24-hour, seven-day-a-week access to local, state, and regional public notices placed by governments and ordered by New York courts. These include public notices of seizures, hearings, tenders, financial reports, orders and other government activities required by law. LIST OF SPOTSWOOD BOROUGH TAX SALES 2022 Public Notice is hereby notified that I, Colleen Castronova, Certified Tax Collector for the District of Spotswood, Middlesex County, New Jersey, will be made available pursuant to the Bylaws Authority in such cases, will sell at a public auction on Friday, November 4th at 11:00 a.m. in the Borough Meeting Room. 77 Summerhill Road, Spotswood, N.J. The property described below for unpaid municipal taxes 2021: BLOCK/NAME OF PROPERTY TOTAL ADDRESS DUE Bl 11 L 25 East. by Louis Ianni 44 South Street $ 1,235.45 W/S Bl 65 L 15 Real Estate Trading Cont LLC Snowhill Street $102.95 T Bl 80 L 8 Weir, Maureen Madison Avenue 1 $1 156.41 T Bl 87.10 L 13 Frederick, Dawn and Paul 2 North Court $4,475.04 T Bl 108 L 4 Wemrock Realty LLC 391, Main Street $6,055.69 T Taxes T Water and Wastewater W/S The said properties are sold for the amount of the municipal liens levied on the property, as calculated in the list above up to the date of sale. The above figures do NOT include taxes and/or wastewater charges for the year 2022. In the event that the owner of the property is on active service in military service, the collector must be informed immediately. COLLEEN CASTRONOVA CTC Borough of Spotswood Tax Collector ($139.32) To post a public notice, please contact the local newspaper in the city or county where the legal notice is to be published. – N O T I C E – LIQUOR LICENSE NOTE that KRISHNA WINE & LIQUOR INC has applied to the Mayor and Administrative Authority of the City of Boonton, Morris, New Jersey, for a retail license transfer: 1410-44-011-007 for premises located at 306 Wootton Street, Boonton, New Jersey 07005. The natural and/or legal persons involved in this license are: KRISHNA WINE & LIQUOR INC 64 W LOUIS PL ISELIN, NEW JERSEY 08830 ROSHANI PATEL 29 FOREST DRIVE PISCATAWAY, NEW JERSEY, 08854 NIKHIL PATEL 64 W LOUISE PLACE ISELIN, NEW JERSEY 08830 Any objection must be addressed immediately in writing to the following address: City Clerk Cynthia Oravits, RMC 100 Washington Street Boonton, NJ 07005 ($45.24) NEW BRUNSWICK CITY NOTICE OF HEARING: The following Order No.

O-102201 was introduced and read for the first time at a regular meeting of New Brunswick City Council on October 5, 2022. This order will be further considered by New Brunswick City Council in the Council Chambers of New Brunswick City Hall at City Hall – 78 Bayard Street, New Brunswick, New Jersey, at a meeting commencing at 5:30 p.m. on October 19, 2022 or at any time and place where this meeting may be adjourned. All interested persons shall have the opportunity to be heard on this Regulation. AN ORDER AMENDING AND SUPPLEMENTING THE REVISED GENERAL ORDERS OF THE CITY OF NEW BRUNSWICK, DIVISION 10, VEHICLES AND TRAFFIC, CHAPTER 10.20 PARKING FOR HANDICAPPED PERSONS, SECTION 10.20.010 ADD SCHEDULE 39 “HANDICAPPED PARKING AREAS”: 78 THROOP AVENUE 15 SIXTH STREET 19 OAK STREET The purpose of this by-law is to amend Schedule 39 of the revised General Orders of the City of New Brunswick under Division 10. Vehicles and traffic, addition of three (3) disabled parking spaces at 78 Throop Avenue, 15 Sixth Street and 19 Oak Street at the following addresses. Leslie R. Zeledón, City Clerk AN ORDER AMENDING AND SUPPLEMENTING THE REVISED GENERAL ORDERS OF THE CITY OF NEW BRUNSWICK TITLE 10, “VEHICLES AND TRAFFIC”, IS ORDERED by the New Brunswick City Council, as follows: DIVISION I, Division 10, Chapter 10.20, Section 10.20.010 – Schedule 39, “Parking Areas for Persons with Disabilities” is amended by adding STREET SIDE LOCATION 78, Throop Avenue East From a point 60 feet from the southeast edge (Plaque #P2463031) of Seaman Street and extends to a point 23 feet east of Seaman Street. 15 Sixth Street North Begins at a point 148 feet from the west edge of Joyce Kilmer Avenue (Closet #P2322534) and extends to a point 23 feet west of it. 19 Oak Street East Beginning at a point 342 feet from the northeast edge (#P2538555 plate) of Somerset Street and extending to a point 23 feet northeast of Somerset Street.

SECTION II SEVERABILITY: If any subsection, paragraph or provision of these Rules is declared invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, that decision shall not affect the other provisions of these Rules, which shall remain in full force and effect. SECTION III REPEAL: All regulations incompatible with the provisions of this Regulation shall be repealed to the extent that such incompatibility exists. SECTION IV DATE OF ENTRY INTO FORCE: These Regulations shall enter into force twenty (20) days after their final adoption and publication in accordance with the law. ADOPTED AT FIRST READING: DATE: 5. OCTOBER 2022 SUZANNE SICORA LUDWIG ($73.53) BOROUGH OF NEW PROVIDENCE NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL ESTATE LIEN DUE TO NON-PAYMENT OF MUNICIPAL TAXES AND FEES It is hereby publicly announced that I, Denise Brinkofski, Tax Collector for the Borough of New Providence, Union County, New Jersey, will be selling at public auction on Wednesday, October 26, 2022, in the Conference Room on the 3rd floor of the Community Center, 360 Elkwood Avenue, New Providence, NJ, at 10:00 a.m. or at a later date and location at which the sale may then be postponed, the properties described below on which taxes and/or other municipal charges for the year 2021 will remain unpaid. The amounts listed below represent municipal taxes and/or other charges on these properties, with interest and selling fees calculated until October 26, 2022. The sale is made in accordance with N.J.S.A. 54:5 ff. seq. These plots are sold for repayment at the lowest interest rate, but may in no case exceed 18% per year. Payment of acquired privileges is made prior to the conclusion of the sale in cash, by money order, certified check or official bank check or for the resale of the property.

Separate audits are required for taxes and premiums. Until 9:00 am before the sale, payment of the amount due on the property, with interest and costs incurred up to the time of payment, will be accepted in cash, by money order, certified check or official bank check.


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