New Zealand Work Visa Requirements for Pakistan

Working Holiday Visas (opens in a new window) are available for young people aged 18 to 30 (but from 18 to 35 for some nationalities). You can travel and work in New Zealand for up to 12 months, or 23 months if you are from the UK. To apply, you must meet visa requirements and have: If you`re travelling to New Zealand via an Australian airport, you may also need an Australian visa – contact your travel agent or airline if you`re unsure. Transit visas (opens in a new window) are also required for all persons travelling via New Zealand, unless they are specifically exempted from immigration policy. Although this type of visa is only intended to fill temporary skills gaps, you can still apply for residency if you have accumulated enough points to qualify for stay in the “Skilled Migrants” category. To find out all types of visas to work in the country, you can check the full list of all New Zealand work visas. If you`re not sure what type of work visa is right for you, the New Zealand Immigration website offers a detailed online service that allows you to see your options based on your age and the country you`re from. In addition to all the options that apply to you, you can also compare up to three types of visas side by side. There are over 80 visas you can use to work in New Zealand. Before applying, decide which visa is best for you. Different types of work visas may have different eligibility requirements, application forms, costs, or processes. To apply for a work visa to New Zealand, you usually need: In general, all New Zealand visas are temporary and automatically grant you a stay for the duration. If you want to be a permanent resident of New Zealand, you must first apply for temporary residence and only later apply for permanent residence in New Zealand.

Note that only certain visas allow you to bring your spouse and immediate family. New Zealand does not have a fiancée visa in its immigration law. Generally, there are two types of costs associated with work visas: visa fees and immigration taxes. However, some countries have higher fees than others, and some may have a fee waiver agreement with New Zealand, so always check your specific requirements. The visa can be paid online with a credit card (Visa or MasterCard). There are two types of visas that allow you to invest in the country, which will also grant you a stay: Permanent resident visas cost 210 NZD ($140 USD) plus immigration fees that vary by region. You may also have to pay a visitor centre fee and courier fee so that your passport is returned to you if you can`t pick it up yourself. It is important to know that all work visas in New Zealand are temporary, including specific visas that can lead to permanent residence, which are discussed in more detail in this guide. When it comes to a temporary work visa in New Zealand, this means that this type of visa is not designed for permanent residence.

If you want to get a work permit or work visa to work in New Zealand, this guide will give you an overview of the different types of work visas and cover the most common options in more detail. If you want to know more about other types of visas in New Zealand, you can check the following on the New Zealand government`s immigration website: You are only allowed to work for yourself in New Zealand if you have the right to live permanently in the country or if you have obtained one of News Zealand`s self-employment visas. The most common types of visa for doing business in New Zealand are the Entrepreneur Work Visa or the Resident Investor Visa. We cover the requirements, application process and cost of these New Zealand self-employment visas below. The Essential Skills Work Visa is for professionals whose jobs are on the list of in-demand essential skills. It allows you to work in the country for up to five years, but the duration may depend on your skill level. In order for a foreigner to hold a position on this visa, the employer must prove that they have not been able to hire a New Zealander. Please indicate your intention to travel at least 48-72 hours prior to your intended trip to Pakistan to obtain an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) – (Please note: You can indicate your intention by submitting an online visa application through Pakistan`s online visa system – Click the Apply Now button to do so). You can travel to Pakistan if you receive a valid ETA in favour of your application. Although you can read that there are more than 80 types of visas to work in New Zealand alone, most of them are country-specific. This means that the number and type of visas approved, as well as the requirements, vary depending on the country of origin. In this section, you will only find the most important aspects of applying for a New Zealand visa, so you can start the process immediately.

If you do not meet the above criteria, you will need a visitor visa, which allows you to spend a holiday in New Zealand for up to nine months. The fastest and easiest way to apply for a visitor visa is online. Before travelling to New Zealand, you must ensure that your passport is valid for at least three months longer than your estimated departure date. If you are coming from a country that requires a New Zealand visa to enter, be sure to apply in advance. If you have a regular biometric passport (or ePassport) and are over 12 years old, you may be able to use the New Zealand Customs eGate service. This will allow you to complete your customs and immigration controls faster so you can enjoy your visit to New Zealand. You can also apply for other types of visas that allow you to invest in the country (such as a temporary retirement visa), so check out the full list of visas that allow you to start or invest in a business. When applying for a visa, you can usually find a guide on the official website that corresponds to each type of visa. It is recommended that you read this document beforehand to ensure that you meet all requirements. Then you want to have each document with you and ready to be submitted before you start your application process.

Much of the visa application process is done online through the New Zealand Immigration website. This online process is quick and easy and should take no more than 15 minutes to complete the online form. You can also submit the application form corresponding to the type of visa you have chosen, along with all necessary supporting documents, to the appropriate required body. To become a permanent resident, you generally need to be 55 or younger and have worked in New Zealand for two years on a temporary visa. Depending on the visa you are applying for and how long you wish to stay in New Zealand, you will need to provide police certificates from the countries where you have lived for more than 5 years since the age of 17. These help prove that you are of good character. Note: If you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident, you can work, live and study in New Zealand – you will receive a residency visa upon arrival in New Zealand. The application process for each type of temporary visa may vary, but you will generally need to submit an expression of interest that includes a perspective based on your age, work experience, qualifications, and job offer (if applicable). If you are selected, you can apply in full. Applications are selected only once a month.


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