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A New Dimension of Ed-Tech: Metaverse Reinvents the Future The EqualOcean NY team is planning EqualOcean`s monthly webinar program in 2022 with a 12-part theme. The first will be Industry Projections for the Metaverse in 2022 and Beyond, for which we invited Henry Wang, CEO and founder of SmartMesh, as one of the speakers. When we discuss the regulation of the metaverse domain, we think that a solid social surveillance system, material standards on the side of the tech giant, and perfect relevant laws are the troikas of metaverse regulation. China Concepts Stocks Challenging Situation – The Heat of the DiDi Event. A Neoway desenvolve soluções de Big Data Analytics e Inteligência Artificial que geram precisão para tomada de decisão e produtividade para seus processos. Can international investors still participate in China`s technology sectors? Neoway is a wireless IoT communication module product developer, providing LTE, WCDMA, EVDO, GPRS, CDMA 1X products, short-range wireless industrial modules and other communication-based products, as well as industrial Internet of Things solutions, including cloud products, GPRS modules, CDMA modules, 4G LTE modules, etc. to provide M680, CM180, WM620 and other products. You can also apply directly to maximize your chances. China`s Long Game for Global IoT Industry Leadership China`s regulations have led foreign investors to understand the impact on the bottom line of gaming/technology companies. The World Innovators Meet 2021 will take place on December 9, 2021.

To inspire the most innovative minds, 8 speakers will share their experiences and ideas on the Chinese market. Here we present a timeline of recent events related to China Concepts shares and analyze the internal reasons for the SEC`s new statement and its implications. A Profile of IPwe: Making New Waves in the Global IP and Patent Market China New Investment Logic: Little Giants and `Zhuan Jing Te Xin` * Antes de contratar qualquer ferramenta, consulte com o fabricante todas as especificações técnicas e informações relacionadas a preços e condições. WIM2021 Summary | Cutting-edge scenarios for China`s Big Tech regulation Metaverse discussion: a grey area in the legal system The digital transformation of education has entered the next phase, but what does this change mean for students and teachers? By building the world`s first blockchain-based patent marketplace for research, valuation and transactions, IPwe is a rising star shaping the decentralized future of intellectual property. This article discusses the behind-the-scenes story of how IPwe distributes the blockchain problem through AI and blockchain-based technologies, as well as the challenges and opportunities that exist to pave the way for success. While the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing impressed the world with meals being knocked off the ceiling by robots, it`s another sign of China`s incentives to promote robotic AI in the food industry. Wireless Communication Module Product Developer Internet of Things CloserIQ is the career platform for top sales professionals. Sign up to create a closer profile and meet the hiring managers of New York`s top startups. WIM2021 Summary | From the grassroots: foreign entrepreneurship in China Trust China`s five promising investment themes Robotics AI creates the recipe for success in the food industry Will SaaS solutions survive planned obsolescence? The answer is to buy for the future WIM2021 New York: speakers who inspire the most innovative minds We`ll let you know when the company has viewed your profile. If you click on interest, we will try to match you with the company. They can listen to your personal intro and decide if they want to move on to the next steps. I would like to receive the product contact indicated on this page.*.

The talent dividend is driving advanced manufacturing in China.


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