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Chief Sonia Quiñones has 27 years of experience in the law enforcement field and over 17 years of leadership experience, including selecting, mentoring, placing and training future law enforcement leaders to succeed. NAWLEE offers you the opportunity to be a leader in law enforcement by bringing your expertise and experience to conferences and networking events. As a member of NAWL, you can participate in the research and development of contemporary policing strategies. Brenda Goss Andrews retired from the Detroit Police Department as Deputy Chief of Police after more than 25 years of dedicated public service. She was promoted from police officer to deputy chief, becoming the first woman in the department`s history to administer and control the police department`s $400 million budget and thirty million dollars in state and federal grants. As Deputy Chief, she was one of the operations managers for the multi-day power outage throughout the city in August 2003, responsible for the supply of generators for the districts and the operational readiness of the 911 system. Executive membership is open to employees with the rank of lieutenant or above (or equivalent). Associate membership is open to any current member of a police service with the rank of sergeant or below, and to those who support law enforcement, such as researchers, psychiatrists or those who work in corporations, not-for-profit organizations or societies that support the police profession. Help others start their careers in law enforcement or climb the ladder by becoming a mentor. As a mentor, you will support and accompany members of the field to enhance their careers and our profession. The National Association of Women Law Enforcement Officers was founded in March 1996 by six female police officers. The goal was and is to promote the law enforcement profession among women and to support women working in this field through training and mentoring.

NAWLEE understands that we all work in exceptional circumstances. We are participating in national COVID-19 tenders to keep members informed of information and resources. As soon as they are available. Thank you to all our sponsors and partners who made 2021 an exceptional year. We look forward to working with you in 2022. Take a look at our partners and sponsors. NAWLEE partnered with other learning associations such as IACP and FOP to release an update to the National Consensus Policy and Use of Force Discussion Paper, originally produced in 2017. NAWLEE is hosting mentorship program training at the Palm Beach County Sheriff`s Department on December 6, 2022 from 0830-1630. The Detroit City Council has appointed Brenda as commissioner of the Detroit City Planning Commission, which reviews developments and the Neighborhood Opportunity Funding (NOF) grant.

She is also a licensed real estate professional in the State of Michigan. Brenda has received numerous awards and citations throughout her career, including the National Center for Women & Policing`s “Breaking the Glass Ceiling” Award. Thank you to everyone who was able to attend our annual meeting live and to those who attended online. The members of NAWLEE are capable of inspiring greatness. Thanks to the variety of positions held by NAWL members, others can strive for the same success in their careers. A celebration was held in the hometown in November, and we look forward to Chief Hawkins joining us at our 2021 conference. Details on CRI-CAT`s efforts and how to secure resources can be found here. As Assistant Director, Brenda served as Project and Budget Manager for a new $18 million, 62,000-square-foot, Southwest Public Safety Center. She also worked with the Department of Justice on the ministerial approval decision and chaired five in-depth review committees on fatal police shootings. She has developed and taught several leadership courses for newly promoted NCOs and lieutenants.

During her career, she has also worked as a street patrol officer and sex detective. Did you know that NAWLEE offers its members? Start of the second day of #IACP2022 at the National Association Of Women Law Enforcement Executives Leadership Breakfast. So inspiring! 💙💪🏽 #NAWLEE #womenwholead @NAWLEE @carmenbest @ArtAcevedo @COPSOffice As commander, she supervised the Department`s Personnel (Human Resources) Department, which oversaw the recruitment and hiring of police officers, supervised the recruitment and training of more than 2,000 officers in the departments, prepared promotion examinations and assessment centre evaluations for several thousand officers seeking promotion; and served as the Department`s Director of Equal Employment Opportunity, which included training and investigations into allegations of sexual harassment, workplace violence and hostile work environments. For those who were unable to attend, the presentation can be found in the members area of the Member Portal. Be sure to renew your membership or join NAWLEE to attend the Annual Meeting as a member and vote for officers. The COPS Bureau has the 2. Publication of the annual report on the CRI-TAC initiative. The report provides information on the free training and technical support provided by this tailor-made programme.

Brenda was elected 2nd National Vice President of NOBLE in July 2020 and promoted to President in July 2022. Previously, she was Vice President of NOBLE Region IV and past President of the Detroit Metropolitan Chapter. She chaired the NOBLE National Civil Rights Committee for eight years. She is a trainer for NOBLE`s Law and Your Community. Brenda is co-founder and president of the Retired Detroit Police Members Association, formed in 2014 to combat Detroit`s bankruptcy, which has affected more than 10,000 retirees.


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