Why was I born with 1 kidney? Mara’s story – blog 1

What a special HeartConnection Training Weekend it was again. What started with the story of my one kidney – I was born with it – which I continued to puzzle over with many new insights, became a nice round story when I went for a walk with my mother on Sunday.

I told my mother, who is becoming more and more interested in that ‘complicated’ HeartConnection, the story of my one kidney. Because what is the story of being born with 1 kidney?

Belief: ‘liquid is dangerous’

I started my story. Kidney’s process moisture, fluid, water, provide drainage to the bladder. The biological sense of having only 1 kidney: for me apparently ‘to process too much water/fluid’ was dangerous. With 1 kidney, my body wants to say -in a biological sense-: “if I have to process too much liquid, I will die. “So to prevent that, there is only 1 kidney, so that too much liquid can never be processed at the same time . A natural barrier, actually: little bits at a time. I also recognize that in my life, but my eight-year-old daughter also resonates with this story.

The question therefore arose: have you, or someone in your family line, experienced a drowning, has someone in the family drowned, or something else with liquid (flood, gas, ice, drip) that has created a belief somewhere that to make has with ‘water/liquid is dangerous’?

no. Not that I knew.

Puzzle Pieces

There were plenty of interesting puzzle pieces that fell into place:

    • I drink very little, I just can’t get it down. So I pee little. My daughter is exactly the same – where her friends have to pee 3 times along the way, Saar keeps it dry for a whole day.
    • I hardly sweat
    • I really hate sweat, and especially that clammy of others, yuck!
    • During the HC weekend I was also confronted with this again: my duvet in the gypsy wagon where we slept was CLAM, gag!)
    • I refuse to camp in spring or autumn; way too humid, that condensation on the tent, yikes!
    • I’ve wanted to live ABOVE Nieuw Amsterdams Peil

for as long as I can remember

However, I am also very fond of water:

  • I’ve been sleeping in a waterbed for years
  • I find the sauna and warm pools extremely relaxing
  • My name is Mara (sea) and my daughter Saar (river)
  • we have a holiday home on the water
  • I really like to dive (interesting: much to my great sadness I am no longer allowed to dive because my ear canals are too narrow, so I cannot ‘equalise’ properly…)

Actor ‘liquid’

A big actor for me in the ‘liquid story’ were the traumatic anesthesia with a ‘cap’ – gas, liquid too! – which I had a number of times since I was 4 years old because my one ureter was too narrow – I constantly had bladder infections, because fluid remained in my bladder – and had to be stretched… again, holding back fluid… Those bladder infections were ‘dangerous’ for my kidney. In addition to being alone in the hospital a few times, and not allowed to cry – but that’s another blog – the ureter kept narrowing and I had horrible nightmares from that cap every time.

The denouement

During the walk with my mother, I asked one more time if the theme of “drowning or seeing drowning” or other fluid traumas occurred in my family. And suddenly she shouted: ‘Yes! I have seen my neighbor’s boy float in the water, drowned, when I was little, in the water behind our house!! And from then on we were no longer allowed to enter that water, watch out!’

goose bumps. And also flabbergasted. My body knows all this well, the story is understood. My mother was also surprised.

That night I wake up at every turn with a very dry mouth: THIRST THIRST THIRST! I pour down glasses one after the other in a few hours. My daughter (a water rat by the way) also wants ‘a very large glass of water mommy, the biggest you have!’ that afternoon.

The story is complete.

My body goes into solution. I solved the liquid story and also for my daughter.

Wow. Shut up.


and thirsty!



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