You learn to communicate within the family where you grew up. One is very good at communicating with a smooth chat. The other is more withdrawn and quiet. We like those with a quick chat, cozy and social. We find the silent person, the cat out of the tree viewer, boring and anti-social.


Both react from survival, from talent, originated from a conflict impact. The nature of a conflict impact, together with your DNA, legacies from your parents and ancestors, determines which strategy will work best to stay alive. We live in culture, and humans respond biologically, remember?

Conflict impact

From the point of conflict you start living, listening, talking, feeling, seeing and communicating. I always listen very carefully to the person, I already get so much out of this. For example, the person says “Yeah I didn’t see that” or “I’ll look at this again”, “You see that well” and so on. At this time, the person says his belief “I am not seen”. Practice listening. This is the beauty of HeartConnection, nothing is true, you get tools to do your own research and discover your own truth.


For example, you agree or disagree. When you disagree, you connect-merge-release (VVL), so that you are neutral in communication. Or just rattling, just let your thoughts run wild, and then switch to VVL. Communication helps us to apply VVL and practice neutrality. Lovely to be honest in a safe environment. You learn to listen. You experience to be heard. Repeat what the other says, observe. You learn to talk from your subconscious.


If something hits what the other says, this is about me. Sometimes I feel angry, frustrated, misunderstood, screwed up, sad, unable to reach the other person, rejected, abandoned, alone, misunderstood, no trust, I don’t belong,  and so on. I keep feeling x on x my emotions, beliefs and thoughts in combination with my body. I do this 24/7. While teaching, during a conversation, in every moment.

Everything is about me. What a liberation to practice this!



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