Big Island Airbnb Laws

Airbnb laws in Hawaii have become more complex during the COVID-19 pandemic on Oahu and other islands. The mayors of Maui, Big Island, and Kauai restricted vacation rentals in March 2020, but on June 16, 2020, they allowed legal Airbnbs to operate again. Short-term legal holiday homes can now be operated; However, Hawaii state travel restrictions and other COVID-19-related mandates remain in effect, with Governor Ige saying these regulations will be in effect until Hawaii reaches a 70% vaccination rate. In an interview with Lonely Planet, Toral Patel, Airbnb Hawaii`s head of public policy, said the company encourages the board to make more exceptions. She explained that disaster relief workers and displaced residents rely on the platform for medium-term rentals due to natural disasters, and highlighted the eruption of the Kīlauea volcano in 2018, which displaced thousands of residents to the island of Oahu. But are short-term rentals, also known as AirBnb or VRBO, allowed in Hawaii? There are several regulations that govern the Airbnb experience on our islands – many currently make it difficult to legally host an Airbnb. While this information is neither exhaustive nor legally advisory and is only up to date at the time of writing, here are some legal aspects you should consider when considering becoming an Airbnb host. Anyone who has said that nothing in life is free has obviously never experienced the many (and frugal) thrills that the island of Oʻahu offers. From. Short-term rentals on the island of Oahu will also only be allowed in certain areas of the island that have already received zoning for resorts such as Waikiki, the region`s famous tourist district, Turtle Bay and Ko Olina. There will be a few exceptions in residential areas near resorts, where it will also be possible to get temporary accommodation, according to Hawaii News Now. Inspectors on each island try to enforce zoning laws. But with thousands of Airbnb listings and fewer than twenty area inspectors in each county, law enforcement is problematic.

Online listings don`t provide enough evidence to prove that an Airbnb listing is illegal. Inspectors must obtain information such as the visitor`s name, length of stay and compensation documentation. Once the inspector has sufficient evidence and issues a violation notification, the Airbnb host has 30 days to make corrections or is fined. Now that you know that zoning laws dictate whether or not the property can be legally used as an STVR, you`ll need to do your research if you`re considering a purchase in hopes of renting it out on the short term. Note that you can buy a home without existing STVR in a single-family residential area if you are planning a B&B rental. As a homeowner, you must live in the house and on site if you have STVR guests. This type of holiday apartment is exempt from the approval procedure. “International professional surfing is the only way to get a world championship title. Without surfers or itinerant workers, global surfing events on Oahu will not be possible – and the road to a world champion title will bypass our islands,” the group wrote in a letter to the City Council on April 11.

“It would be an unprecedented blow for surfers, surfers and Hawaii itself.” Property tax rates for Maui County, which includes Molokai Island, are $11.08 per net worth of $1,000 for “short-term rentals” like Airbnb and $10.70 per net worth of $1,000 for property in the “hotel and resort” zone as of July 1, 2020. When you decide to become an Airbnb host, it`s important that you understand the laws of your country. As a platform and marketplace, we do not offer legal advice, but we want to give you some useful links that can help you better understand the laws and regulations on the island of Hawaii. This list is not exhaustive, but it should give you a good start in understanding your local laws. If you have any questions, contact the Hawaii County Planning Department, other county authorities, or contact a local attorney or tax specialist. You might also be interested in:This Hawaiian island expects fewer visitors as it pushes for sustainable tourismWhat you need to know before visiting Hawaii Before December 2018, all properties could be rented as an STVR, regardless of zoning or an owner on the property with guests. In fact, the Big Island of Hawaii was the last island in the state to take action against NVT. But now we have Bill 108 in force, also known as Ordinance 2018-114, which was passed by Governor Ige in November 2018.

Under this law, TVTV owners are now required to register their property with Hawaii County. As of July 1, 2021, the city and county of Honolulu, which includes the island of Oahu, have a new property tax bracket: Bed & Breakfast Home (Class J). A legal Airbnb in Hawaii on Oahu would most likely fall into this category, and the tax is 0.65% of the estimated value. Learn more about Honolulu property taxes here. In short, B&Bs are defined as rentals of less than 30 days where the owner or other operator is present during the stay, which is ultimately the definition of an Airbnb in Hawaii. A typical B&B could be when someone has a room rental in their own home where they live.


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