Best Legal Episodes of the Good Wife

We did an episode last season about marriage equality, where individual freedom and religious freedom really came into conflict [editor`s note: in the episode, a baker refused to bake the wedding cake for a gay couple]. It was contemporary and a good example of what we think of a classic Good Wife case where there are two sides to a problem. Whether people really felt that a baker should make a cake for a gay couple getting married, or whether they said, “My God, the idea that this is a threat to our religious freedom, that would be terrible” – I feel like both sides would be angry at the representation on the other side, but would also feel like their point of view was really right. Lockhart Gardner takes over a client who is suing a Nancy Grace-style TV host for the illegal death of his wife. In the pursuit of his case, the company comes into conflict with this man`s bullying chair, and at the end of the episode, he “pulls out” Diane as a closed lesbian from the company. Diane`s reaction at the end of the episode is a guardian. All seasons of The Good Wife were captivating, but which seasons really stand out? After the scandal of her husband, Alicia Florrick revived her legal career and redefined her role as wife and mother. Some of the most memorable episodes of The Good Wife come from different seasons, so it`s not easy to choose the best season. Some seasons of The Good Wife focus on Alicia`s career, while other good seasons follow her romantic relationships. To determine once and for all which are the best seasons of The Good Wife, let`s rank each season of The Good Wife from the best to the worst. Best Character to Watch: The damn title character Alicia Florrick.

Her evolution from an emotionally devastated innocent to a hardened legal veteran is fascinating and absolutely the best role in Marguiles` career. But what sets The Good Wife apart from other legal dramas is the depiction of the legal world in this version of Chicago as a cyclical professional encounter. Alicia deals with judges in the first season as a junior partner and makes mistakes that pay off later when she hears cases with the same judges against less experienced lawyers in later seasons. Their relationships with returning judges, opposing lawyers, and their staff form the central character arc of the series. Why you should gorge yourself: The personal relationships that build up between Alicia, Diane, Will, and Cary in the early seasons are best appreciated both during a frenzy. It`s wonderful to see kings bringing all the characters together as they evolve professionally from superiors/subordinates to more or less equal partners. The same goes for returning guest judges and opposing lawyers, as it`s easier to remember when they were last on screen and what they did when they were there while whipping the show faster than usual. The show is, to some extent, a legal drama set in a soap – there is infidelity and love stories.

Is this aspect of the series realistic in the legal world? Since you have a legal background, have you ever served as an internal fact-checker? The Good Fight kicks off Sunday night and revives the universe of The Good Wife, but this time with Diane Lockhart at the center of the action. Diane was in the world of The Good Wife from the beginning and acted as a kind of great lady of the law firm Lockhart Gardner. Played by Christine Baranski, Diane was (and is) a strong feminist icon, a superior legal mind, and a flawless queen in most other aspects. And now she`s at the center of the spin-off — which will feature new episodes on CBS All Access every Sunday — as Diane loses everything as an investor in a Madoff-style Ponzi scheme. She is forced to start from scratch in a new law firm, surrounded by new and old faces. There are times when The Good Wife tackles a social issue or a tricky legal issue with astonishing brevity and clarity for an hour-long show. In the seventh season alone, I learned a lot about artificial intelligence, drone surveillance, copyright laws, and more. But if the show does it wrong, it does it really, really badly. That “A Defense of Marriage” tackles the subject of gay marriage without much nuance or substance was quite disappointing. If the fifth season was about the death of Will Gardner, the second season was about the breakdown of the friendship between Kalinda and Alicia. Margulies` continued performance as the demoralized wife of a cheating husband only deepens in this episode.

It is the subtle double betrayal of Alicia`s emotional journey that makes this episode a highlight. It`s also about combining friendship with romantic friendship, because Alicia feels just as betrayed by Kalinda as she does by Peter. One of the other most memorable guest stars of The Good Wife is Colin Sweeney of Dylan Baker (Spider-Man 2). Colin is accused of murdering his wife and is that rich and charming man who also engages in extracurricular sexual activities. A slimy character, he is also that dubious question mark of morality that appears in the rest of the series in Alicia`s life. Season 1: Episode 17, “Heart” This is the moment when the show finally gained a foothold, and not just because it ended up giving in to the romantic tension between Will and Alicia. This is a perfect example of the themes that cover the rest of the series, as Alicia balances loyalty and decency with her own ambitions and desires. It`s also a great example of how the court cases in the series don`t always take place within the confines of a courtroom, as most of this episode takes place in a hospital. It is also worth noting that these are a few episodes after the incomparable Alan Cumming joins the cast as a political agent and Rahm Emmanuel Eli Gold intervenes.

Season 3: Episode 7, “Executive Order #13224” Elsbeth Tascioni, the recurring but furiously brilliant lawyer played by Carrie Preston, is undoubtedly the weirdest and most welcome curve ball the Good Wife is launching this season. It reliably imbalances all the regular characters and poses legal problems from directions that none of the most reserved lawyers could even understand. This episode, which is titled a frightening order linked to Bush-era terrorism, gives the administration completely too much power. It`s an episode that combines dark and painful humor with legal complexity and a hint of late social commentary. The last ten minutes of the final, which do not concern too much about the case of the day, become the culmination of a long journey to Will Gardner. Finally, he makes his gesture on Alicia. What happens at the end is one of the best elevator scenes on the entire TV when the upstairs doors open and close, intentionally marking the gradual increase of their desires for each other. We really tried to be honest. That`s what legal business looks like, that`s the challenges that people face. There is a completely different set of complications and ethical issues and challenges that this type of lawyer entails in relation to a reasonably comfortable existence of clients who can pay. The stakes are different.

Yes! I absolutely worked in places where there was romantic drama and romantic plot. Absolutely. I met my wife when we were both summer interns for a Ninth District judge. There was that day when they ran out of bailiffs in our judge`s court, so they took the oath, my wife and I, and we kept a jury. For a few days, we sat in front of the door of this jury room and had nothing to do, and I charmed them. It couldn`t have been a less romantic setup, but I think it went pretty well. There were moments of true humor throughout The Good Wife series (the strongest of those moments came from dry trivia or literally everything Alan Cumming ever did). But often, when it was clear that the show was really trying to be funny, it would fall flat. The good woman was treating, treating and treating the humor behind the eccentric personality of lawyer Elsbeth Tascioni, but I didn`t laugh when we literally looked into her head and found clowns, penguins and cruise ships. It`s damned in both directions: either he tried to be funny and failed, or he tried to legitimately convey what it`s like to be neurologically atypical, and that`s what he found. It`s reductive and offensive at best. Sometimes The Good Wife forgot that people shouldn`t be punchlines.

The Good Wife is a legal and political drama starring Julianna Margulies and Matt Czuchry. The Good Wife premiered on CBS on September 22, 2009. After seven seasons – and five Emmys – The Good Wife ended in 2016. A spin-off about Diane Lockhart titled The Good Fight was created in 2017. After the broadcast of the last episode of The Good Wife, the TV series will rightly be remembered as an incredibly strong network. But he`s also had his fair share of (inevitable) missteps over the past seven seasons. As Sunday night`s series finale approaches, there`s a journey through the best and worst that The Good Wife has given us, through the prism of ten of its best and worst episodes. Mandatory warning that “the best” and “worst” are completely arbitrary, and the recognition that the sixth season is strongly represented on the list of “worst”. In my defense, the sixth season was very bad. Let`s face it: we can`t talk about the best episodes of The Good Wife without talking about Colin Sweeney.

Dylan Baker`s killer quickly shaped Alicia (Julianna Margulies) and the series, and when that hour began when Alicia found him handcuffed to another dead woman, viewers knew they would look forward to a treat. I started to wonder, what is the culture of the people who do this? What is legality? How do you try to protect yourself from it? It quickly became a topic where I thought: Oh, this is going to work for us. Another great episode of the Battle of Wills, except that it takes an even more personal turn. Since they have to work as opposing counsels in one case, Will and Alicia resort to knowing each other so “intimately” to surpass each other.


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