Asa Legal Bat List

We had an Easton Ghost racket in one of our last games. We couldn`t find it on the list of banned bats, but it didn`t have an ASA certification mark. So we didn`t allow it in the game. How to determine if the bat is legal? First, you have taken the right steps. Rule 1-5 requires a bat.” either bear the 2000 or 2004 certification mark and are not on USA Softball`s list of unauthorized rackets […] Bats must be approved. NFHS uses the RACKET list approved by USA Softball. A “forbidden bat” is an unapproved bat that has certification marks. These are bat models that were initially tested and approved, but were not subsequently approved because bat samples from random markets (retail stores) did not match the characteristics of the bat model originally presented for analysis. However, there are bats on the market that have not been tested by USA Softball and are not on their list of approved rackets. The Easton Ghost bat models you`ve come across are examples of such bats.

To determine if a racquet is allowed, visit the USA softball website. Once you are on the website, “click” on the “Certified Equipment” heading. Once you`re on the “Certified Equipment” page, scroll down until you see the large box at the bottom right titled “USA Softball TESTING & CERTIFICATION PROGRAM.” Make sure that “Bats” is listed in the selection box and click the “GO” button. Once the following field with sample certification marks appears, scroll down until you see the heading “APPROVED STROKE: 2000, 2004, and 2013.” There are 2 selection boxes with “Go” buttons underneath. Make sure “Bats” is listed in the first field. In the second box, you can select “Show All”, which lists bats from all manufacturers, or you can “click” on the “Down Arrow” to see a list of each bat manufacturer. Do this and select “Easton” and “Click” on the “Go” button. All Easton approved bats are listed by model number and description.

Scroll down until you see the model number of the bat you`re exploring. If the model number is not present, the racquet has not been approved by USA Softball. It seems that the Easton Fast Pitch Bat model numbers start with “FP” and I only see 5 approved model numbers: FP18GH10, FP18GH11, FP18GH8, FP18GH9 and FP18GHY11.


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